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Duck Avenger #1

Duck Avenger #1

Артикул: 21176
480 руб.
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  • 'When Blow the Winds of Time?' Supervillain Red Raider hits Duckburg with a crime spree, just as crook newsman Angus Fangus aims to ruin Duck Avenger's rep! Will Donald's superhero life crash and burn? Not if the mysterious Lila Lee has anything to say...
  • At last! IDW brings you the new-to-USA Disney thrillride that fans have requested most-the famous 'Duck Avenger New Adventures' (known in Europe as 'PKNA')!
  • Adapted for our readers by fan favorite Jonathan Gray (Sonic the Hedgehog)!
  • 72 pages of action for just $5.99!

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